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    Experienced, Compliant Haulage

    In October 1990, S&K became the first haulier in South Wales to achieve the British Standard Institute accreditation BSI 5750, which was later changed to BS EN ISO 9001:1994 & EN 29002 and subsequently changed to ISO 9001:2008.

    S&K also holds a certificate of Registration Under the control of Pollution act of 1989. This allows us to move under licence and controlled by the waste transfer documentation system most forms of registered waste materials.

    On 31st March 1999, BSI on behalf of the European Chemical Industry Council, CEFIC, using the Safety and Quality Assessment System, SQAS, audited S&K and from this we achieved an impressive result of 99.2% compliance.

    In accordance with the ever tightening of the transportation laws regarding hazardous goods, S&K has their own on-site Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, DGSA.

    A large percentage of the S&K drivers have been trained to ADR standards for the carriage of hazardous goods throughout Europe,

    From the ongoing audits by BSI and customers we are ever improving our quality systems, standards and goals.

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